We are KNOWNstudents, and we're kind of obsessed with awakening teenagers to the reality that they are known, valued, and loved by God...and by us. We want every kid who walks through our doors to find caring adults who will come alongside them and encourage them no matter where they are in their faih journey as well as friends who will stick closer than a brother. Another reason we call ourselves KNOWNstudents is found in our purpose statement:

KNOWNstudents exists to partner with parents in helping students KNOW God, OWN their faith, and make their faith KNOWN.

As part of our youth ministry, parents will be set up for success as they seek to lead and influence their teens at home, and students will be offered a variety of environments and experiences that will help them explore their faith and discover how to live it out. If you are a teenager in 7th-12th grade or if you're the parent of a teenager, we're here for you! Come to Antioch East, plug into our youth ministry, and BE KNOWN!


Come and Be Known!

Collision | Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00p :: All our students meet together each Wednesday night to explore the Bible, wrestle with their faith questions, and collide with God. We usually kick things off with something we like to call "The 15-Minute Party," which always involves vast amounts of silliness. 

Sunday School | Sundays, 9:45-10:45a :: On Sunday mornings, students break up into small groups by grade to discover how the Bible applies to the real-life issues they're facing and how they can live out their faith from day to day. And since parent classes study the same topic and Bible passage as student classes, it's super easy for families to carry church home with them!

Gone for Good | Sundays, 4:45-5:45p :: On Sunday nights, students pile into the mini-bus and head out into the community to bring the love and light of Christ to others. We might drop in on a shut-in or stop by the house of a recent guest just to say thanks for coming or perform a random act of kindness for someone who needs to be reminded that Jesus loves them. We want our students to see that God can use ordinary teenagers in extraordinary ways!

Connect with Us!

Students, scan or click the magic box of destiny to fill in your contact info so we can keep you in the know. (Don't worry! Your info is protected by 256-bit encryption, which is nerd-speak for, "It's locked down pretty tight.") Not only will we think you're SUPER awesome, but you'll also be automagically entered for a chance to win a FREE UNICORN!*

*We don't actually have a unicorn. Unicorns are either very fictional or very elusive. 


We use Twitter to send out weekly youth updates because they have this nifty feature that will let us send tweets directly to your phone as a text message WITHOUT requiring you to be a Twitter-er. All you need to do is 1) start a new text message, 2) in the "Message" box, type FOLLOW KNOWNSTUDENTS (no space between KNOWN and STUDENTS), 3) in the "To" box, type 40404, and 4) hit "Send." You'll know it worked when you receive our most recent tweet!