Going to church is a really important factor in a student's spiritual development. It gives them a place to begin a relationship with God, get some tools to grow closer to Him, experience authentic community with other students and adults who care about them, and use their gifts and abilities for the glory of God. Church is an important place. But where a teen's spiritual development is concerned, it's not the MOST important place. We believe that in any teenager's life...

What happens at home is more important than what happens at church!

We believe that parents have the God-given responsibility of being the primary spiritual influence in their kids' lives (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). For decades, churches all over America have failed to equip parents for this task, and now we're paying the price. Recent studies show that almost 70% of church-going teens "graduate" from their faith as soon as they graduate from high school. We're not cool with that! That's why our main focus is forming partnerships with parents.

We use the word "partner" for a reason. It's because we believe that parents and the church need each other. The church needs parents to be actively engaged in their kids' spiritual growth because they're ultimately the biggest influencers in their lives. And parents need the local church because raising teens and training them to follow Jesus in today's world is crazy hard!

We need each other! And that is the heart of all things youth ministry here at Antioch East!


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